A Complete Trial Kit for Monitoring Rooms and Crowdsourcing Feedback

The IoT EZ - Activity / Feedback kit is an end-to-end Proof of Concept solution that enables you to monitor how people use 4 rooms and crowdsource feedback from two rooms. 

We recommend that you choose 2 meeting rooms and 2 restrooms.

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  • Save Costs & Improve Operational Efficiency

    • Schedule and dispatch cleaning services according to usage patterns and need.
    •Proactively ensure that restrooms are restocked and ready for more active days/times
    •Eliminate paper cleaning logs and manual reporting efforts.

  • Improve Health and Safety

    • Reduce risk of infection by ensure that cleaning and sanitizing is aligned to activity and usage.
    • Improve cleaning scheduling to minimize contact time for cleaning staff.

  • Enhanced users’ experience & increase their confidence

    • Make cleaning services and activity more visible to bolster confidence and lower anxiety
    • Address negative feedback quickly and promptly

  • Sustainability

    • Contribute to sustainability goals by reducing waste

    • Restock and resupply as needed and not more

  • Activity Monitoring

    Knowing how heavily any space is utilized is a pre-requisite to understanding the kind of attention it requires, ROI it delivers and the safety of those within.  AM is a sensing service that tracks activity within a space across time to:

    • Identify high and low usage areas for cleaning and HVAC purposes
    • Provide data that can lower energy and maintenance costs
    • Create a valuable historical picture of leased-space usage for corporate decision makers

  • Feedback Monitoring

    Crowd source anonymous feedback to gauge occupant satisfaction about cleanliness, enabling preemptive action against risks to patients, staff health and wellness
    • Use Insights for cleaning schedules, managing cleaning contractor SLA's and real-time incident response [leaks, spills & empty dispensers].
    • Combine feedback data with activity data in washrooms and nearby meeting rooms to reduce infection risk and put staff, patients and visitors at ease.
    • Limit risks and liabilities in hospitals, clinics, office buildings and facilities of all kinds.

What our Customers Say:

Microshare’s solutions ‘…combine the power of data with operational expertise to create safer environments and improved building performance.’
- John Hanner, President of Aramark Facilities

How Does it Work?

Simply peel and stick the battery powered sensors into 2 restrooms and 2 meeting rooms. Scan the devices using our app and connect immediately via LoRaWAN gateway to your Dashboards. Our kit solution does all the work to collects the data and create the analytics that surface up insights on your dashboard.

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  • Anonymized Usage Data

    • Passive infrared (PIR) motion sensors to measure usage in each toilet area
    • Compact and with a long battery life (up to 4 years)

  • User Generated feedback

    • Instant user feedback to record customer satisfaction or report an issue
    • Simple-to-install battery-powered
    connected button

  • Record Staff Responsiveness

    • Cleaner carries a keyring and taps after cleaning the restroom
    • Records attendance and feeds SLA compliance sheet electronically

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Analyze, Evaluate & Take Action

• Online secure dashboards

• Monitor usage and feedback buttons in real-time or over a specific time period

• Satisfaction reports

• Alerts sent when users press buttons or usage threshold reached

• Available with a standard web browser from a desktop or a mobile device

• Weekly cleaner attendance summary

Changes are Driving Innovation

We may finally be emerging from the pandemic, but the shifts in how and where we work are here to stay. Expectations of a clean restroom are directly tied to feelings of safety and overall perceptions of good management of the office.

Health and Wellbeing at the workplace is now a top priority for companies. Health and wellbeing certifications such as WELL, Fitwel and Immune are putting structured programs in place to help companies become better.
Companies that want to offer flexible schedules and hybrid work-from-home or office work models also need to plan for variations in occupancy and restrooms usage.

Smart Clean IoT kits can help you achieve your health and wellness objectives.

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  • Download the Product Overview

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